About Us


Innovations&Technology (I&T) is a system integrator Company which develops different applications and creates various software and hardware solutions for companies which are willing to implement innovations. I&T is fully supported by ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES and uses ZEBRA mobile devices and mobile printers. I&T is capable of answering various clients requests depending on clients needs. ZEBRA is one of our strong partners when the specific application requires technology based on mobile devices and mobile printers.

Our Clients – I&T technologies users,

  • Do not buy equipment – they are using it as an integral part of the service
  • Do not buy supplies material – they get it as an integral part of the service
  • Do not care about any defects – Support is including all replacement service and full customer support 24/7
  • Gets a “live” system integrated with its own business IT system

The only cost is the cost of the issued bill



Direct Billing Technology®

Are you an Electricity distribution Company, Water supply, Heating or Gas Company?

We have developed new technology especially for you!

Among other innovative solutions, we have developed a DB (Direct Billing), a system that allows issuing an invoice which is simultaneously created and issued directly to the final customer in 1 minute!

What will you get?

Financial benefits

  • Operational cost cutting up to 64%
  • Reduction of investments for 100%

Operational benefits

  • Risk minimization
  • Shortening the billing time
  • Optimization of human resources

Strategic benefits

  • Cost decreasing with business volume increasing
  • Full service technology development and process improvement
  • Custom made solution



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